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Cause organizes programs that promote recreation, relaxation and resilience for wounded, ill, and injured members of the U.S. Armed Services and those supporting their recovery.


Cause was founded in April 2003 when four West Point graduates who served in Vietnam, and their wives began providing personal care items and clothing to wounded soldiers arriving at Walter Reed Hospital from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. In keeping with the time-honored military tradition of "taking care of your troops," these veterans and their wives created Cause in order to be " for those who are there for us.®" 

The Founders' goal was to ensure that the new wave of troops returning home from war did not have the same negative and disheartening experience that so many Vietnam Veterans did, and to make sure all injured service members knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the community was there to support them.

Today, Cause organizes several programs at multiple locations supporting recreation, relaxation, and resiliency. We reach thousands of injured service men and women facing months of medical care and rehabilitation far from home and family. These programs are designed to bring a bit of relaxation and fun into what are, for many, very challenging circumstances. They also serve a much more serious purpose: helping wounded warriors begin the normalization process and the re-entry to home and community as they take their long journey back to health.


Robert C. Doheny, LTC USA (RET) and his wife Joyce
Vietnam Service: 1968-1969 (Bronze Star, Army Commendation)

Paul B. Haseman, LTC USAR (RET) and his wife Vivian
Vietnam Service: 1968-1969 (Bronze Star)

Hartmut H. Lau, COL USA (RET) and his wife Barbara
Vietnam Service: 1968-1969 (Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart)

Richard E. Waterman, COL USA (RET) and his wife Debbie
Vietnam Service: 1968-1969 & 1970-1971 (Bronze Star)