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Founded in 2003, Cause organizes programs that support recreation, relaxation and resiliency for thousands of injured service men and women facing months of medical care and rehabilitation far from home and family. These programs are designed to bring a bit of pain relief, relaxation and fun into what are often very challenging circumstances. But they also serve a much more serious purpose: that of helping wounded warriors begin the normalization process and the re-entry to home and community as they take their long journey back to health.

Since its creation, Cause has:
Touched the lives of our country's military wounded and their families over 363,000 different times.
Lent over 349,100 FREE movies and video games through the Cause Digital Entertainment Libraries (C-DELs).
Provided over 10,700 massage, Reiki, and reflexology treatments to ease the pain and suffering of warriors and their families who are suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other injuries. 
In 2014, our treatments resulted in an average 46% decrease in stress and 37% decrease in pain. 94% of participants also reported an increase in sleep quality and duration.